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AAdd Fanout

Automatically generates fanout patterns for
BGA's, loads fanout patterns for DIL's and
QFP's from a library, or can copy fanouts from
device to device or individually pin to pin,
even with multi-layer blind and buried fanout

• Load Fanouts from the Library, saving

• Don't re-invent the wheel!, share fanout
   patterns with co-workers.

• Quickly determine the best fanout
   strategy, try multiple patterns quickly.

• Move fanouts with the device, making
   final placement faster and easier.

• Create new fanout patterns using the pin
   copy command.

• Copy complex multi layer blind and buried
   fanouts from pin to pin.

• Works in both metric and imperial units of

• Starter library has over 300 hundred
   metric and imperial fanout patterns.

BGA Standard Pattern.
BGA -> One Row Extended.
BGA -> Two Rows Extended.
↓ ↓ Internal Via pattern. ↓ ↓
↓ ↓ Internal Via pattern. ↓ ↓
↓ ↓ Internal Via pattern. ↓ ↓

Load Fanouts from Fanout Library.
Copy Fanouts from pin to pin.
    Create and save fanout patterns, re-use
    them on future designs.
    Modify existing fanout patterns, copy
    individual fanouts between pins or devices.

Rotate, flip or multi-select destinations.
Copy EVERYTHING that is connected.
    Use pin copy to create new patterns from
    existing patterns.
    Copy all connected clines, on all visible layes.
    Use the same feature on copy Blind and
fanouts from pin to pin or device
    to device.

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