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AAdd KeepOut

Add Route and Via keep-Outs automatically
and interactively to components, pins, vias,
fiducials, text, lines, shapes (logos) and
holes. Keeps Specctra from placing tracks
or vias where you don't want them.

• Add user defined Route and Via Keep -
   outs to components bodies and pins

• Add Via Keep-Outs to silkscreen lines
   and text, before auto-routing.

• Add Route Keep-Outs between the pins
   of DIL and QFP devices .

• Interactively add circular, square or
   rectangular Route and Via Keep-Outs
   to any hole or pin.

• Components can be in any angle of

• Works in all units of measure.

• Can also be used to add KeepOuts
   inside of DRA symbol files.

Keep-Outs added to device bodies.
Via Keep-Outs added to device pins.
Via Keep-Outs added to lines and text.
Route Keep-Outs added between the pins of DIL and QFP devices.
Route and/or Via Keep-Outs added to any hole, fiducial or pin.

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