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CopperCAD's AAdd_SymbolMarker Program Menu

Automatically finds polarized components in
your design, then allows you to visit each one,
and add symbol markers when required.

• Finds all 2 pin diodes and capacitors with pin
   aliases attached -> Positive, Negative,
   Anode, Cathode, A, K etc...

• Finds all 2 pin, 3pin and other components
   by device type.

• Add symbol markers to any silkscreen or
   component assembly layers.

• Excel type device viewer allows easy

• Table re-sort allows non-polarized devices to
   be grouped easily.

Available Marker Symbols.     

Use the symbol viewer to visit symbols and add symbol markers if required.

Questions concerning CopperCAD's SKILL Software for Cadence Allegro,
please contact our CopperCAD-Ware group.

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