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AAdd Teardrop

This program is used to add Teardrops to
Thru-hole Pins and Vias.

• New Version now adds Cline Style TearDrops.

• Teardrops can be added to any visible
   copper layer, visible window or interactively,
   one at a time.

• Teardrops can be deleted from any visible
   layer, visible window or interactively .

• User can control the teardrop size, and
   maximum cline width.

• The "Delete Fillet" option will delete all
   "Allegro style" fillets in one step.

• CopperCAD's Teardrops DO NOT add
   or create false length and propagation delay

    Before     After (Cline Style)     After (Keyhole Style)
        Gerber View    
    Failure Report

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