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ADel Antenna

Automatically finds dangling antennas and resonant
stubs on high speed nets on boards, in the X, Y and
Z axis.

• Finds three types of antennas. XY + Z axis, XY
   axis and Z axis.

• Set a minimum length to be targeted, filtering out
   short stubs.

• Target only your high speed nets or the entire

• Focus on important nets, filetering out power nets,
   single net pins and dummy nets.

• Find vias that are connected on only one layer,
   opening up routing paths on other layers.

• Latest version now works on HDI PCB designs.

X Y + Z Anntenna
  X Y Axis Anntenna
  Z Axis Anntennas

Antenna Report Viewer Window
     Use the Antenna report viewer window to quickly navigate between reported antennas.

Use the "Delete Antenna" button to automatically remove the antenna.

Use the "Save As" button to export the results in Excel or Text formatted files.


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