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   CopperCAD's AGen BackDrill Program Menu
AGen BackDrill

Automatically finds and creates all Excellon
BackDrill drill files for vias and or pins that
exceed the minimum stub length on selected high
speed nets.

• Works on Cadence Versions 14.2 thru 16.x .

• See the BackDrill locations, marked with
   BackDrill Doughnuts inside the Allegro BRD
   design file.

• Automatically reduces the outer pad size at
   each BackDrill location

• Protects BackDrills from adjacent copper with
   CopperCAD's  "C" - Shaped route keepouts.

• Use the optomizer to consolidate the BackDrill
   drill files, and lower your manufacturing costs.

• Copy and Paste the TechFile Stackup report
   info into your FAB Drawing.

• Instantly calculates the minimum stub length
   for your boards stackup.

• Works in both metric and imperial units of

    The BackDrill drill depth will be calculated
as the last connection layer minus one (1) layer.

If the "minimum Pin Barrel Length" value is
entered, the BackDrill drill depth will be
calculated as the last connection layer minus
one (1) layer or the pin barrel length rounded
up to the next layer, which ever is the larger

In order to remove the pin or via barrel, a
BackDrill with a diameter seven (7) thou
larger than the original drill diameter is

See Amphenol-TCS's ( formally Teradyne's )
White paper on Via Stubs at GB/s data
transfer rates.


Amphenol-TCS's ( formally Teradyne's )
Practical Guide to BackDrilling.

Target via for BackDrilling.
  "C "- Shaped route keepout added.
  Outer Pad size reduced.

New BackDrill Top and Bottom layers
     On the CCD_BackDrill Top and Bottom layers, a circular doughnut marks each BackDrill location.

The inner diameter represents the original drill size and the outer diameter represents the new BackDrill drill size.

Gerber out these layers for your PCB fabricator.

BackDrill Summary Report
Use the BackDrill Summary Report to locate layers with low BackDrill counts.
Re-route those connections to optimize the BackDrill drill files.

Questions concerning CopperCAD's SKILL Software for Cadence Allegro,
please contact our CopperCAD-Ware group.

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