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CopperCAD's AGen Silkscreen Program Menu
AGen Silkscreen

A replacement for the "Auto Silk" layers.
Intelligently creates a silkscreen layer using
parameters you specify by component type.

• Generate silkscreen interactively for one
   component at a time.

• Choose to generate for only the resistors
   on bottom side, removing the clutter of
   chips capacitors.

• Automatically creates the correct size text
   block to achieve true and accurate
   finished text size.

• Interactively add "plus" and "Diode"
   shapes to components missing these

• Verify silkscreen clearance to vias and
   pads or to solder mask openings.

• Report on missing silkscreen text,
   overlapping text and text under

Questions concerning CopperCAD's SKILL Software for Cadence Allegro,,
please contact our CopperCAD-Ware group.

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