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AGen TentPlugVia

Automatically creates Via Tenting and / or
Via Plugging layers by via type, via location,
and by layer.

• Create tenting and plugging layers at the
   end of design process, after all routing
   and placement decisions are complete.

• Tent all vias or just the ones under the
   BGA's automatically.

• Plug via in pad, and / or Tangential vias,
   and / or testpad vias, and /or all vias.

• Tent QFN/QFP thermal vias without
   updating the symbol.

• Use the "Plug Opposite" option for low
   cost plugging manufacturing processes.

• User definable Tangential via gap.

• Create plugging pads same size as the via
   pad or via drill.

• Works in both metric and imperial units
   of measure.

Tenting or Plugging.     
Create Plugs same as Pad size or Drill size.
Combined Tenting and Plugging.   
Tent vias only under BGA's.   

Use the TentPlugVia report to confirm layer generation

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