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AMod ClineNeck

Automates Cline Reduction at pins and vias
for Intel QuickPath interconnect, FBD2
DDR3 or PCI Express High-Speed Routing
in Cadence Allegro.

• The program will automatically reduce the
   cline width just before and after targeted
   pins and vias.

• Increases the trace impedance, compensating
   for the decrease in impedance caused by
   pin and via connections.

• Can target pins, vias or both, with the
   option to target mid-route vias.
• Can exclude fanout vias on a user defined
   list of devices where special routing should
   not be modified.

• Automatic and interactive modes.

    Before Cline Neck Down     After Cline Neck Down

    Quickly review each cline reduction using the report window.

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