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CopperCAD's AQue TestProbe Program Menu
AQue TestProbe

Quickly finds and displays nets with, or without
TestProbes, filtered by net type and by net

• Filter out less important nets, concentrate
   on critical signals.

• View nets logic and power nets together or
   separately .

• Visit each pin, by net name, one at a time.

• Quickly check the design status by using the
   "Report" button .

• Create custom Text or CSV format reports
   from the TestProbe Viewer window contents.

    Use the TestProbe viewer to visit the individual nets in the design, and individual pins on that net.

Use the "Save As" button to create Text and CSV format reports
of the screen contents.

High-Light Nets by Type
     Click the "HighLight" button
to quickly display groups
of nets by net type.

TestProbe Summary Report
Use the text report to quickly check TestPoint coverage

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