New Three Tab Version

CopperCAD's AVerify DFM Program Menu
AVerify DFM

DFM (Design For Manufacture) and DFA
(Design For Assembly) checking tool for
Cadence Allegro.

• Reduces the number of design cycles without
   the high cost of other 3rd party DFM tools.
   Find hidden errors quickly and easily.

• Lower manufacturing costs, increase yields
   and avoid "push backs" from manufacturing.

• Default DFM and DFA Parameters based on
   industry standards or create your own DFM

• Over 120 different verification checks in 15

• Visit each violation quickly using our new

• Generate full or simplified text reports for
   managerial approval.

• Works in both metric and imperial units of

Component spacing is based on type and orientation.

Modify the default DFM parameters easily.

New GUI allows the user to quickly navigate violations.

Questions concerning CopperCAD's SKILL Software for Cadence Allegro,
please contact our CopperCAD-Ware group.

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