Channel Routing
Licensed PCB Vendors
Since the Channel Routing Royalty is calculated and collected by the PCB manufacturer, All boards that incorporate this patented process, must be made by a Licensed PCB manufacturer.

There is "no cost" associated to becoming a Licensed Channel Routing PCB manufacturer other than your own internal tracking and reporting costs. Only a signed license agreement is required. Royalties are collected and paid, only when a design incorporates Channel Routing.

If your current PCB vendor is not a Channel Routing Licensee, Contact us and we'll sign them up.
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  Circatex   Circatex   Circatex Europe
  Coretec   Coretec Inc.   Coretec Canada/USA
  DaeDuck   DaeDuck LTD   DaeDuck Domestic and Int'l    N/A
  FTG Circuits
  ( Formally
      PC World )
  FTG Circuits   FTG Circuits Canada   06/10/2003
  Sanmina SCI   Sanmina SCI   Sanmina SCI USA   02/04/2004

For Channel Routing sales and licensing information, contact CopperCAD Sales
(Software Sales).

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