Channel Routing Royalties
Channel Routing is a Patented process. Both the end user and the PCB manufacturer
must have a signed license agreement, in order to use this process.

Royalties are calculated based on board size and BGA pin count. The PCB
manufacturer is responsible for calculating and collecting the royalty.

The royalties for each design that incorporates Channel Routing
is calculated in the following manner:

If the LARGEST BGA is:

Under 256 pins ------> $0.01 / sq inch
256 to 1296 pins ----> $0.02 / sq inch
Over  1296 pins -----> $0.03 / sq inch

Additionally, when Low cost HDI is used in the PCB manufacturing process, the bare
board will cost approximately 10% more for the same layer count. Since Channel
Routing reduces the total number of layers, the overall PCB cost is lower.

See the "Net Savings" example calculation for details.

For Channel Routing sales and licensing information, contact CopperCAD Sales
(Software Sales).

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