Hugh Allen P.Eng
Hugh is an Electrical Engineering graduate of Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. He has 10 years experience in Equipment Manufacturing Engineering, 10 years of program development, systems analysis and systems management and 16 years experience in PCB Design support within Nortel Networks. Migrating to Solectron with the Nortel PCB design group, he has established a global auto routing team, and extended the scope of products by auto routing commercial computer and military designs, bringing his own total auto routed designs to over 1200.

Within his support role Hugh has provisioned CAD software to the user community, tested new releases and done benchmarking on hardware and software. He is also an Auto-routing specialist using the Cadence Specctra auto router and is known in the industry as such. Hugh brings a vast knowledge of tools, both hardware and software, and a large network within the CAD industry to CopperCAD.

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