(Manufacturing Engineering Tool Set)

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METS.p For detail information, please select METS's User Guide .

To run this program using Graphical/Interactive mode, two files are needed: METS.p and utility.p.
To run this program using Non-Graphical mode, three files are needed: METS.p, utility.p and domrv.

METS (Manufacturing Engineering Tool Set) is a tool used to identify, verify, and report violations based on the Corporate Standard 1550 (formally 5015) rules. Unlike the Layout verify, METS closely models all variances of the 1550 specifications, which removes the burden of running with the worst case parameter values and being overwhelmed with violations that require manual evaluation.
Without METS, these violations will not be caught:
a. Corp. 1550 minimum spacing.
b. Fiducial_CHK.
  • Fidu/QuietZone.
  • Fidu/PadStack.
  • Fidu/FinePitch_Device.
c. Silkscreen_CHK.
  • MM/Unplaced.
  • MM/Duplicate.
  • MM/Missing.
  • MM/Location.
  • MM/Polarity.
d. Exposed_Copper.
  • Exposed_Copper.
  • GangOpening.
  • Floating_SolderPlane
e. Pad_CHK.
  • TestPad.
  • PinSolderResist
  • ViaSolderResist
  • HoleSolderResist
  • FloatSolderPaste.
  • PadOffset.
  • GlueDot.
f. Placed_Component.
  • TH/PRI.
  • PowerDev.
  • PcodeLayer.
  • DevRot/SEC.
  • DevBlock/SEC
g. UniCAD.
  • Teardrop.
  • CopperShort.
  • DrillWander .

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