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Software Pricing Model
(Reasons for Subscription Licensing)
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CopperCAD uses a "Subscription" Model for it's Software Pricing.

What this means is that you don't actually buy the software, just lease
it for the cost of it's annual maintenance, a fraction of it's true value.

Answers to Seven Common Questions are Listed Below:
Q. 1)   What does it really cost ?
A. The answer is $82.92 per user, per month.

In most cases, this will be about the same or less than one (1) hour at your company's loaded labour rate

Q. 2)   What is the advantage of a subscription license ?
A. You buy what you need, as much as you need, for as long as you need it. No more useless software licenses cluttering your environment, or your Balance Sheet.

There is also a financial advantage, as you can write off the entire value of the lease each year on your taxes. No more multi-year capital amortization to be carried forward.

Q. 3)   I want to own my software, not subscribe a license.
A. If you insist on outright ownership of your software licenses, then we can accommodate your requirements. However, be prepared to pay for the privilege. Pricing for outright ownership of your license will be in line with other similar software products from other vendors.

Q. 4)   Why are you pricing your software so low ?
A. We are trying to be as fair as possible to all our customers, regardless of size.

If you're a small company requiring two seats, you'll pay about 2K for the Skill Toolbox. A large company requiring 25 seats, pays 25K for the same Skill Toolbox. It's fair to both companies, and both have access to the same high quality software, without having to jump huge financial hurtles.

Q. 5)   Why would I want to pay an annual license fee ?
A. The simple answer is lower cost. One license for similar software sells for $20K USD plus an annual maintenance fee (15%) of 3K USD. First year cost of ownership is $23K USD, and the five year cost is $35K USD per seat. Total cost for five license seats over five years would be $175K USD. Of course you could skip the maintenance, however your software would be obsolete in a couple of years, and your initial investment of $100K would be worthless.

CopperCAD's annual subscription would cost $5K per year or $25K for five seats over five years, and you can decide not to renew at anytime, should your needs change.

Q. 6)   Why should I buy the entire Skill Toolbox, when I only need one program ?
A. With "A La Cart" pricing, the cost per program is higher than the package price, and any new additions would not be available to "A La Cart" customers.

Each year we add new programs to the Toolbox, expanding it's capabilities. With these new additions you are likely to find a need for the added functionality.

Q. 7)   Why sell the Skill ToolBox for $995, not $1000 ?
A. Our $995 price point was selected carefully. Prior to founding CopperCAD, we had all worked for large multi-national companies. As with most board designers, if we wanted a new piece of software, it was almost impossible to get without first justifying it through a "Business Case", then getting IT, Purchasing, and possibly a Director to approve the actual purchase.

By setting the price five dollars below one thousand, we found that our software could be purchased by the PCB design department directly, using their departmental VISA card. This method circumvented the bureaucratic paper work normally required in large companies.

Any other Questions concerning our Software, please contact our Sales Department.

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