Skill Program Summaries
  Program Name   Program Summary Description
  AAdd_AttachFile   Attaches ASCII text files to the allegro BRD file.
  AAdd_Balance   Adds Copper Balance or "Thieving" pads to layers.
  AAdd_ChannelBGA   Creates Nortel Patented routing channels on BGA's.
  AAdd_FanOut   Creates and attaches Fanouts to pins and devices.
  AAdd_GangOpening   Interactively adds Soldermask Gang openings to QFP's.
  AAdd_KeepOut   Adds route and via keepouts to devices and pins.
  AAdd_RadialGrid   Creates a circular component placement grid.
  AAdd_SymbolMarker   Finds and adds silkscreen polarity markers to symbols.
  AAdd_TearDrop   Adds teardrops (Fillets) to cline via and pad entries.
  ACopy_ShapeParam   Copies Dynamic shape parameters from one shape to another.
  ACopy_TestProbe   Copies Testpoints from one BRD file to another.
  ADel Antenna   Finds and deletes copper Stubs and Antennas in the X,Y and Z axis.
  AGen_Assembly   Creates readable Assembly Drawing layers.
  AGen_BackDrill   Creates BackDrill drill files for high speed nets.
  AGen_NetLength   Reports net length or net nodes for selected nets.
  AGen_TentPlugVia   Creates tenting or plugging layers as specified.
  AGen_userid   Creates user ID reports, configures env & ilinit files.
  AMod_BrdOutline   Converts shapes and polygons, creates soldermask outline.
  AMod_BrdTidy   Cleans up duplicate and dangling vias, clines and shapes.
  AMod_ClineWidth   Changes the cline width of all clines on target layer.
  AMod_ClineNeck   Changes the cline width at targeted vias and pins.
  AMod_FlipSide   Flips placed components and routing to the opposite side of the board.
  AMod_Net   Add, change or merge new net names onto clines and pins.
  AMod_RRectPad   Creates and modifies device pads with rounded corners.
  AMod_PlaceBoundShape     Alters PlaceBound Shape to the match component outline.
  AMod_Taper     Creates Tapered clines for COB (Chip On Board) routing.
  AMod_Text    WordPad Style "Find and Replace" text for Allegro.
  AQue_ClineBends   Reports and displays 90 degree cline bends and cline jogs.  
  AQue_Height   Reports and changes symbol minimum and maximun heights values. 
  AQue_Symbol   Displays placed components by filtered list.
  AQue_TestProbe   Displays nets with, or without TestProbes, filtered by properties.
  AVer_AcidTrap   Finds potential Acid Traps between clines, pins and pads.
  AVer_ChipBalance   Finds copper connection imbalances on two pin SMD chip components.
  AVer_SymbolLibrary   Board Symbol Data to Library comparison tool.
  AVerify   DFA / DFM board checking tool.

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