File Transfers:

CopperCAD has provided a Blind FTP dropbox for CADWare customer's
that do not currently have a FTP dropbox.

Users cannot list files in this dropbox.
Files transfers can be made using exact names only.

After uploading the files, send a e-mail to
listing the names of the uploaded files. Also describe your problem
or bug, listing the sequence of commands used.

If you have any other questions, please contact CADWare Support .

If you are using Netcape 4.7, Click the following link and then using the Netscape menu, File-->Upload-->select the file, click "OK".
If you are using Explorer, Click the following link then, select the file using "Copy" and then "Paste" the file into the browser window.

Blind FTP File Upload

CADWare support is currently provided for Cadence Allegro and UniCAD Layout Cad tools.

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