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Specctra Coaching
-- More than "Just Training" --
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Professional and Champion Athletes benefit from good coaching throughout their careers. So do designers using Specctra facing the increasing complexity and size of designs.

On site Coaching with one of North America's leading Specctra Guru's. Specctra Coaching is, in class strategies, hands on exercises, followed with individual guidance as the techniques are applied to your designs, after the formal sessions are completed.

Course material can be customized to your design types, to suit novice to expert Specctra users. The goal of Specctra Coaching is to help designers actively use Specctra in every day design work, with additonal proven stategies.

Save on travel, we teach at your location.
Customized course material 3 - 5 days typical.
Class size from two to ten students.
We can travel to your site physically or virtually.
We work to your schedule, minimizing work disruptions.
Take greater advantage of the software you've paid for, to increase productivity.
   Course Topics:
"Do" file creation.
"Do" file general examples.
Command and rule hierarchies
High speed rules.

Virtual Pins
Differential pairs.
Controlled impedance.
Specctra goes AWOL.
Features that work well
    vs. those to avoid

Papers Given By Hugh Allen at ICU and Specctra User Group conferences.
  #   Location   Date      Topic   Download 
  1    Specctra UG 2002   Nov 2002    Specctra Progress   Click here 
  2    ICU 2003   Sept 2003    Preping for Specctra   Click here 
  3    ICU 2004   Sept 2004    Short as Possible   Click here 
  4    ICU 2004   Sept 2004    Routing Large BGA's   Click here 
  5    CDNLive (ICU) 2005    Sept 2005    Progressive Routing Strategy   Click here 
  6    CDNLive (ICU) 2005    Sept 2005    Routing Large BGA's   II   Click here 
  7    CDNLive (ICU) 2006    Sept 2006   Advanced Specctra BGA Techniques    Click here 

  Extra files   Contents   Download
  Do File Fragments 2004   Cut and Pastable, DO File Code    Click here 
  Do File Fragments 2006    More Cut and Pastable, DO File Code    Click here 

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